Cupcake Cagematch Results: BEST RED VELVET CUPCAKE in NYC!

By grace.g.yang ยท August 12, 2009
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Day 3 of our cupcake cagematch results – have you agreed with the results so far? In case you’re joining late, Sweet Revenge won best vanilla cupcake in NYC and Billy’s Bakery won best chocolate cupcake. Today, I’ll reveal the results of the best red velvet cupcake in all of New York (including Westchester!)

The winner of the best red velvet cupcake award goes to:


Tonnie’s Mini’s!

The cupcakes are located on the bottom right hand corner (the red velvet cupcake has crumbles on top of the frosting):


Bethany cutting up the winning cupcake:


And a random picture of David taking a picture of someone taking a picture of a red velvet cupcake:


The judges had some really nice things to say about the bakery; everyone thought the cupcake was very moist (5/5), was bursting with flavor (another 5/5) and the texture was dense and rich. The icing was slightly running (possibly over-aerated), but it had just the right amount of sweetness. The cupcake scored a 4.5/5 in terms of presentation and everyone thought the cupcake was a strong contender for favorite red velvet cupcake.

I spoke with Tonnie when I was organizing the cupcake event and he informed me that he’s opening a new location in Harlem so now you can get the cupcakes if you’re uptown, too!

Andy picked up the cupcakes from Tonnie’s Minis and forgot to take pictures of the bakery, but he’s in the middle of moving, too, so we won’t blame him. Tomorrow, I’ll announce the best wildcard cupcake in all of NYC!

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