Cupcake Cagematch Results: The Best Most Flavorful Cupcakes in New York!

Well, it’s been quite a week of cupcake posts. If you’re just joining now, here are my previous posts regarding the best vanilla cupcake in New York (Sweet Revenge), the best chocolate cupcake (Billy’s Bakery), Best Vanilla Cupcakes in NYC Best Chocolate Cupcakes in NYC Best Red Velvet Cupcakes in NYC Best Wildcard Cupcakes in […]

Cupcake Cagematch Results: BEST WILDCARD CUPCAKE in NYC!

Initially when I was calling all of the bakeries for cupcake donations, they were very intrigued by the thought of having a “wildcard” entry. What is a wildcard entry, do you wonder? It’s a good and interesting way to distinguish a bakery; it can be a customer favorite, a special flavor that’s only available on […]

Cupcake Cagematch Results: BEST RED VELVET CUPCAKE in NYC!

Day 3 of our cupcake cagematch results – have you agreed with the results so far? In case you’re joining late, Sweet Revenge won best vanilla cupcake in NYC and Billy’s Bakery won best chocolate cupcake. Today, I’ll reveal the results of the best red velvet cupcake in all of New York (including Westchester!) The […]

Happy birthday, Dorren!

Today, I just found out, is Dorren’s birthday! We were discussing the cupcake cagematch and he mentioned that he got a free cupcake from CC’s Cafe today because it was his birthday: (insert candle, birthday hat, and streamers) Dorren and I are good buddies from work and he is probably the nicest guy I’ve ever […]

Gracenotes NYC’s Cupcake Cagematch: The Sweetest Battle EVER

On August 1st, David and I hosted the first (and probably only) cupcake cagematch. What is a cupcake cagematch, do you ask? Well, it’s a cupcake competition – a serious event of pitting bakery against bakery to find the best vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, and wildcard cupcake in New York. Do you think I’m kidding […]

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