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By grace.g.yang ยท February 5, 2010
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Audrey and I went to Park Avenue Winter a little bit ago and had a fun dinner together. Park Avenue Winter was really nicely decorated for the season – I’m interested to see how it looks during the other times of the ear (they change their decorations based on the season). Here are some pictures from our meal.

Fried parmesan ball:


Our amuse bouche for the night – the parmesan was mixed with risotta, breaded, and lightly fried.

Scallops with bacon:


The scallops with bacon dish was really good, especially since it was all on top of a big chunk of white bread, but the chef over-salted the dish. He salted everything separately but then salted the entire thing once it was assembled – saltier than a salt lick, but I wanted to eat it because it was so good.

Audrey went with the Mushroom ravioli:


The ravioli was very rich and the mushrooms had a hearty filling – we were both surprised that the filling was mushroom, not meat!

For my main course, I went with lobster:


The lobster was a little overcooked, but I dunked it in a lot of butter and couldn’t complain too much.

Audrey went with the John Dory:


I think Audrey liked it, but I wasn’t a huge fan; the meat didn’t have enough flavor and the sauce was too heavy for the fish.

For dessert, I ordered a chocolate box:


The inside was filled with cake and was quite decadent. It was really fun to eat and also really rich – a little on the heavy side, but definitely worth ordering again.

Audrey went with seasonal sorbet and panna cotta:


Her dessert was the exact opposite of mine in terms of taste – light, fruity, and the panna cotta was very creamy.

If I ever return to Park Avenue Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer, I’d try their brunch instead of another dinner; dinner was a little heavy for me, but I’ve heard their brunch is pretty delicious (and a good deal). I’d also like to visit just to pick up another set of matches – the ones I picked up specifically said Park Avenue Winter; I want to collect all four!

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