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By grace.g.yang ยท February 8, 2010
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When I walked into Rino Ceronte, I was actually in the mood for pizza. However, it was freezing cold outside, I just found out that Monster Pizza doesn’t sell by the slice, and Bleecker Street Pizza was way too far to even think about. Rino Ceronte is located on Macdougal right next to all of the NYU bars (and Mamoun’s):


The shop doesn’t have a lot of seats, but it’s a small operation and was completely empty when I ordered. The back of the shop has a bunch of fake veggies (I thought they were real except I realized they don’t serve those veggies in any of their dishes):


They specialize in sandwiches/wraps with dough they press right in front of you – you can pick from white dough or whole wheat dough and they’ll steam it on this little machine:


The dough comes out like a perfect tortilla and they place steak, chicken, or portobello mushrooms on the sandwich with a sauce (I chose chili mayo) and veggies (I chose jalapenos, tomatoes, and lettuce). The guy behind the counter said the I should definitely go with the ribeye since it was the most popular, so that’s what I ordered:


The sandwich had very little meat (although it looked like it was all pre-measured so everyone must get the same amount) and the toppings didn’t seem very fresh. One redeeming quality of the sandwich was the chili mayo – just spicy enough to give the meat the flavor boost it needed. Rino Ceronte is definitely not worth visiting – I’d feel better ordering a $2.50 falafel from Mamoun’s or spending the same amount for a huge burrito from Qdoba (which is down the street).

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