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By grace.g.yang ยท May 1, 2007
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On Saturday, I had to spend the day at the dentist’s office (after a brief eye exam). Last year, I had to get a crown put in on an upper right tooth. It was probably one of the most painful experiences I’ve ever had in dentistry (and trust me – I’ve been through a lot). I usually think I’m pretty good when it comes to pain + dentistry – when I was little, I could get cavities filled without Novocaine. Seriously. Anyway, at my last dentist in Champaign, he said putting the crown in wouldn’t be too painful, but he was totally lying to me. Also, when my new dentist took x-rays, he saw that my old dentist put the crown OVER the cavity filling, which you’re not supposed to do because there could be decay underneath the filling. ARGH! Anyway, I had to get a crown put in on the left side (I knew I would have to do it eventually because my dentist mentioned it to me last year, but I refused to get any other work done by him, even though I had been going to him for over five years).

I went in for a routine cleaning and to put in a crown (over 2 hours in the chair!). The dentist’s office, Park South Dentistry, is right by my apartment and I found it through citysearch and everyone had positive things to say about him, but I was still a little scared to put in a crown. The dentist was super gentle, I didn’t feel a THING, AND, get this – I had braces when I was little (I had them for three years and got them off when I was 11 or 12) and the orthodontist/dentist couldn’t take off all of the cement for some reason, so I’ve always had these little pieces of cement on my front teeth. It’s hard to notice unless you’re really close up (obviously a dentist can tell), but it’s never as white as the other parts of my teeth, and other dentists have tried to scrape it off, but with no success. The new dentist saw it and took it off with his special tool in like, TWO seconds! I was really happy with the entire visit and I haven’t been able to stop raving about this new dentist, Dr. Janash. Another great thing – you can book appointments ONLINE AND he’s open on Saturdays until 7PM!

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