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By grace.g.yang ยท April 27, 2007
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Today, my friend, John, offered me his extra ticket to the Yankees/Red Sox game (as long as I promised to cheer for the Red Sox) :). We headed up to the Bronx for the game and saw a lot of Japanese television crews at the entrance:

I knew there was a Japanese guy that played for the New York Yankees(his name isHideki Matsui, but I didn’t know that there were Japanese guys on the Boston Red Sox team (Daisuke Matsuzaka) AND Hideki Okajima). BOTH of them are pitchers for the Boston Red Sox! It’s definitely a HUUUUGE deal in Japan – there were a lot of Japanese people at the game because they wanted to see Matsui face off against Matsuzaka/Okajima.

The game was really fun to watch, especially with all of the interesting people around us. I never really knew Red Sox fans hated Yankees fans so much (and vice versa), but John explained to me the history of the longstanding rivalry. (If you want to know the full story, click here: Yankees – Red Sox Rivalry ). An abridged version (and probably somewhat wrong since I’m telling it) is that The Red Sox’s owner needed money so he sold Babe Ruth to the Yankees, the Yankees started winning all these games, The Red Sox started losing all these games, and there was supposedly a curse put on the Red Sox, known as the curse of the Bambino). Anyway, now it’s just funny to watch the Red Sox fans get riled up and vice versa. For instance, I witnessed at least 4 fights take place during the game…and that was only in MY area! Here’s another funny picture:

I’m not sure if you can tell exactly what the guy is doing, but if you look REALLY closely, you’ll see that he’s trying to light a Red Sox hat on fire. Apparently, some Yankees fan picked up a Red Sox fan’s hat, threw it, and another Yankees fan picked it up and started lighting it on fire. It was like a domino effect because all of a sudden it looked like it was raining Red Sox hats from the sky!! After the hat fell one level, another Yankees fan would pick it up and throw it over the balcony, and when it reached the other level, another person would throw it around some more!! Isn’t that horribly mean?!

The highlights of the game include:

3. Seeing THIS on a jumbotron:

His REAL name is COCO. And his LAST NAME IS CRISP! A. How funny is that and b. what were his parents ON when they named him?

2. Seeing guys bond like this:

So the story behind this picture – these two guys were sitting in front of us, drinking, watching the game, etc. I look down at the top of the 8th and I see this guy passed out in his seat! Now, I know that baseball isn’t THAT fun when the game isn’t close at all, but there were fights, riots, and lots of yelling and screaming! Of course, his friend had to mess with him by taking funny pictures with him (the passed out friend is a big Yankees fan, the guy that’s still awake is a huge Red Sox fan…how they get along, we will never know).

1. Hanging out with my friend John and watching the Red Sox beat the Yankees, 11 – 4:

Thanks again for hooking me up with the ticket!! ๐Ÿ™‚

After the Yankees game, John and I headed to K-town (Korea Town) for some oxtail soup and kimchee. We went to Oam Ni Oak (I totally just made that up, but I *think* it kind of looked like that). They only serve a couple of things – oxtail soup, bibimbap, thinly sliced beef, and one other dish (no jigae, bulgogi, kalbi, etc). Even though they have a limited menu, they definitely make everything REALLY well, especially their Kimchi (which I think is a big deal, especially since Kimchi is such a staple in Korean cooking):

Their radishes are SO tasty and crunchy…and just the right amount of time spent fermenting in the ground!! ๐Ÿ™‚

John and I both ordered the oxtail soup (it’s not flavored so you season it with salt, pepper, and scallions…so simple, yet so delicious):

Tomorrow, I’m running errands during the day and then spending the evening with some friends from school – I can’t wait!

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