Momofuku Ssam Bar: Bo Ssam

Last Sunday, I organized a little get together at Momofuku Bo Ssam for their bo ssam dinner (which means “enclosed” or “wrapped” in Korean). For $200, you get a huge pork butt, a dozen oysters, lettuce, rice, and dipping sauces (pureed kim chee, kim chee bits, ginger scallion sauce, and Korean red sauce, ssam jiang). […]

Luke’s Lobster

Last Thursday, after a really fun night at a event, I headed to Luke’s Lobster to check out their lobster rolls. Surprisingly, I never had lobster rolls growing up; living in central Illinois does not bode well for fresh seafood. Everytime I had lobster, it was prepared in a traditional Chinese way (stir-fried with […]

Motorino East Village

When Motorino first opened in the East Village, I was pretty excited. I mean, it takes A LOT for me to go to Brooklyn, especially since I haven’t been there since…last February. Motorino has been on my list of places to try in Brooklyn, but it’s 1. kind of far and 2. even more difficult […]