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By grace.g.yang ยท October 8, 2009
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Last Thursday, after a really fun night at a event, I headed to Luke’s Lobster to check out their lobster rolls. Surprisingly, I never had lobster rolls growing up; living in central Illinois does not bode well for fresh seafood. Everytime I had lobster, it was prepared in a traditional Chinese way (stir-fried with scallions, and garlic). However, once I moved to New York City, I discovered the greatness of the lobster roll and have enjoyed many since.

My favorite type of lobster roll has just enough mayonnaise and a very buttery (toasted) bun. I’ve had some pretty bad lobster rolls; Martha’s Vineyard sold some that were pretty terrible (the lobster just didn’t have any taste), and please do not get me started on the crap they serve at Ed’s.

When I arrived at Luke’s, I wasn’t expecting much. The restaurant is more like a take-out joint (they only have a couple bar stools) and it’s sandwiched between the Caracas Arepa’s Bars:


The place was quite packed when we got there and it looked like almost everyone was ordering the lobster roll. Luke’s also serves shrimp rolls and crab rolls (and even a combo of all three!!) The lunchbox is also a good choice and it includes an Empress Crab claw, a soda, and a bag of chips:


Here are the employees cheerfully preparing our lobster rolls:


The lobster is pre-packaged (each is 4 ounces and they cut it in half when you order a 2 ouncer). The shrimp and crab is also packed and stored in the fridge at the front of the shop:


Luke is from Maine, so the soda choices aren’t your usual Coke/Pepsi products – they’re soda’s from Maine that are extra tasty. A close up of the lobster:


And the shrimp:


Finally, the lobster roll I ordered:


Luke’s Lobster doesn’t really fit into the criteria for my kind of lobster roll; their lobster doesn’t have any mayonnaise on it and the seasonings on the lobster are very simple (salt, pepper, and celery salt). The bun has a squirt of mayo on it and THAT’S IT. Surprisingly, i actually REALLY loved it! The lobster was in HUGE chunks and it was some of the most tender lobster I’ve ever eaten. The only thing I didn’t like – the mayo was really unevenly spread, so some bites were extremely mayo-filled and some didn’t have any at all. I’d probably use a knife to spread the mayo more evenly in the future.

Luke’s was a great surprise and I definitely plan on returning very soon to fill up my frequent buyers card (buy 10 lobster rolls and you get one free!!) They’re $14 each, so it’s much cheaper than a lot of the stuff in the city AND they’re open until 2AM on the weekends.

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I think Pearly Oyster Bar is the best I’ve had in NYC, but the very best ever is at this place on the water in Noank, CT called Abbot’s….Try it

Written By Louis on October 8th, 2009 @ 8:04 am

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