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By grace.g.yang ยท October 5, 2009
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When Motorino first opened in the East Village, I was pretty excited. I mean, it takes A LOT for me to go to Brooklyn, especially since I haven’t been there since…last February. Motorino has been on my list of places to try in Brooklyn, but it’s 1. kind of far and 2. even more difficult to get someone to leave Manhattan to go to Brooklyn for food. Luckily, Motorino took over the Una Pizza Napoletana pizza place a couple of weeks ago and I didn’t have to beg anyone to eat with me…instead, Lou happily joined me for a quick dinner after a jog around the East Village.

Motorino had a constant stream of people coming in and only one waiter taking care of everyone (the restaurant isn’t that large, so I don’t remember if there were multiple waiters when Una Pizza Napoletana was around), but we were seated right away because other people had left when they found out they had to wait more then 20 minutes. Our waiter came over to take our order and we decided to share an appetizer (octopus) and then each get our own pies.

I went with the Margherita:


The tomatoes were very tangy (and I swear I tasted pineapple) and the mozzarella was so creamy and delicious. The crust was also pretty amazing; perfectly charred, slightly crispy, and almost a hybrid between Patsy’s and John’s. My only complaint is that the mozzarella wasn’t distributed very evenly and there was one piece (bottom left) that barely had any on it.

Enjoying every bit of my pizza:


Obviously, I don’t believe in showering after running because eating pizza is more important.

Lou went with the Soppressata Piccante:


There were little salt crystals in the crust that flavored it perfectly and he loved the soppressata. I liked my pizza more (seriously, it was so good that I could’ve ordered another one).

The service was a little spotty; they forgot about our appetizer and charged us for it anyway and we ran out of water and asked for it twice before it was refilled, but the one waiter was definitely busy the entire night and was really apologetic when we asked him to take the octopus off our bill. Motorino has amazing pizza (slightly better than Keste) AND they deliver, which is PRETTY AWESOME. Go there now, you will definitely not be disappointed.

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I live right by the Motorino in Brooklyn and was PUMPED when it opened up. I don’t really care for brick oven pizza (I prefer my crust half-cooked to charred), but I love to see cute places drawing Manhattanites into Brooklyn. UNTIL THEY DECIDE TO OPEN UP MANHATTAN-BASED SISTER RESTAURANTS. Oh, well.

Written By plumpdumpling on October 5th, 2009 @ 10:54 am

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