Hurricane Sandy Update

By grace.g.yang ยท November 5, 2012
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Ken and I are back to normal now – we were without cell service, power, or heat, but managed to stay in our apartment the entire time. Ken’s office was absolutely normal so he ended up going to work everyday (except Monday) and I managed to find my way around the city (one day at Equinox, two days at Kristen and Waising’s and finally back at our apartment on Friday night when the lights came back on!)

When we left the apartment on Monday afternoon, we tried to walk uptown to get some much needed supplies (food, mainly). We walked by our old place on 31st and Third and saw that a tree fell on a poor Honda Civic:


We were lucky – the only inconveniences were lack of showers (I actually ended up going without showering for three whole days…taking a hot shower at Kristen’s place was the best feeling ever), our fridge and freezer had a ton of smelly food, and we didn’t have any lights after the sun went down (walking up the stairs at night was quite a scary feeling). On Friday night, I called my super about 50 times to check on the power situation, eventually, he gave us the wonderful news that indeed our power had been restored. Ken said that the cab ride from Kristen’s place on the upper east side to our place in Gramercy was like driving through Tokyo because of all the bright lights!

There are still a lot of people without electricity, running water – please consider donating your time or to the Red Cross!

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