Graeter’s Ice Cream

By grace.g.yang ยท October 24, 2012
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When I received an email from Graeter’s Ice Cream, I was wondering why they were mailing me since you can’t get their ice cream in New York. Well, GOOD NEWS: the email was to tell me that they now SELL the AMAZING ICE CREAM in New York supermarkets! Specifically, D’agastino’s’ all over the New York City area. To celebrate the occasion, they sent me some of their famous flavors with chocolate chips. I sent the package to my office since I wouldn’t be able to pick up the ice cream at home until the evening and I was worried about having it melt. The package:


The package was filled with dry ice and the ice cream was perfectly firm and ready to eat. They sent me four different flavors:


I’ve only ever tasted black raspberry chocolate chip (and I have actually never tasted any of the other flavors so I’m super excited to try them all!) We are actually going to have a big game night at work and I told my friend Kristen that she’d have to come if she wanted to try the mint chocolate chip – she’s an ice cream aficionado and specializes in mint chocolate chip, so I hope it measures up to her expectations. She actually has a bowl of Friendly’s ice cream every single night after dinner and even had it when she was getting ready for her wedding! I am trying to be a little more healthy right now because we are going to Chicago soon to try on wedding dresses (a month away!) but I think if I indulge a little, it should be with the best stuff – Graeter’s Ice Cream!

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