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By grace.g.yang ยท May 26, 2011
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On Saturday before the wedding, Ken, Jordy and I wanted to grab some breakfast/brunch. I did a quick google search and the results only had Denny’s but luckily, Kristen gave us a one-sheeter of places to eat and Grand Traverse Pie Company was on the list for breakfast. I looked online and the restaurant looked amazing (I just needed to know there were pies and I was ready to go). We headed to the restaurant and were greeted with lots of pies:


They had a lot of variety and it was really difficult to pick only one slice – you couldn’t buy all of the pies by the slice (some were only sold whole):


They also have other baked goods, including some heavy pastries:


I was interested in the pecan pie, cherry pie and blueberry pie:


But I ultimately decided to go with a slice of rhubarb pie and pecan pie:


We also ordered entrees – Ken ordered the croissant with egg, cheese, ham and mayo pesto:


I ordered the turkey sandwich with bacon, lettuce and tomato with a side of blueberry applesauce:


And we also ordered a large cinnamon roll to share:


Jordy ordered a cinnamon roll, sandwich, oatmeal and fruit cup (the only disappointment was the oatmeal). I loved both pies, especially the tart rhubarb pie (usually, rhubarb and strawberry pie is too sweet for me). The pecan pie was also really custard-like and delicious and the pecans were perfectly toasted and crunchy. The crusts were also very flaky and delicious (both of them) – I’m not sure if they were homemade or pre-made, but the pies were definitely the highlight.

I wanted to return to the restaurant before we headed back to the city but we didn’t have time – next time I’m in Terre Haute or Michigan, I’m definitely going back to try more pies!
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