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By grace.g.yang ยท June 23, 2011
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Today: From Hudson Valley

For our Hudson Valley courses, we started off with a farm fresh egg with asparagus:


While David received the gnocchi with mushrooms and pureed peas:


Next, we had two different types of butter from two different cows:


The chefs at the farm were experimenting with two different cows – feeding each of them a different diet to see how their milk and flavors would differ. They definitely had a different taste – one was much milder than the other but both were very delicious.

Next, since it was our birthday, the chef gave us another course – the pork belly:


The pork belly was not too fatty and had a good amount of juicy meat. It was a bit on the salty side (which also happened at the Blue Hill restaurant in the city) but was still a really good piece of pork.

Our final savory course: Elysian Fields lamb:


By the time the lamb had arrived I was pretty full because we had been sitting at the restaurant for a solid five hours, but decided to buck up and finish my last protein before moving onto desserts.

Tomorrow: desserts!

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