Protein Shakes, AKT IN MOTION and MAN CAMP!

By grace.g.yang ยท April 23, 2013
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Ken and I have been working out a lot in preparation for our wedding (only 70-some days away!) After our workouts, we make really great protein shakes that are really healthy using my new favorite type of protein: pea protein. Here’s one of the shakes we make:

Protein shakes

Ingredients are super easy to find: unflavored pea protein powder, frozen strawberries, frozen pineapples, and coconut water. We usually use 8 ounces of coconut water (per person), 1/4 cup of each type of fruit and one scoop of protein powder a person. Just put everything into the blender:

Protein shakes

And blend until smooth:

Protein shakes

The workouts we have been doing are super fun and perfect for upcoming brides and grooms – on Saturdays, I take my usual AKT IN MOTION class while Ken takes MAN CAMP next door! My class is an hour and a half and does all types of cross training that works out your entire body; Ken’s class also involves cross training and when I was looking at him working out, he had a puddle of sweat in front of him from working out so hard! Saturday’s are the only days that there’s a man camp and a women’s AKT in Motion class at the same time, but as soon as their studio opens, I hope there are more classes at the same time for both men and women! Ken always watches me go through my dances after he finishes his class and it’s always fun to show him the dance routine I’ve just learned. The other women also have their significant others waiting for them! After class, we either make the protein shake from above or get a protein-packed meal at a nearby diner; it’s the perfect way to start our weekend.

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