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By grace.g.yang ยท March 23, 2009
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To celebrate getting my first gift card, I made a reservation at the Strip House:


To get the $20 gift certificate, I had to eat at a LOT of restaurants (I think I ended up going to some restaurants that didn’t give points, like ad hoc. But it’s okay because I love to eat!) Anyway, a lot of readers have said that the Strip House is better than Peter Luger’s, so I obviously had to try the place out.

To start off our meal, the waiters brought around a bread basket and a shot of mushroom soup as an amuse bouche:



The mushroom soup was creamy but not extremely heavy and had a nice mellow mushroom flavor. The bread basket had a diverse selection, but I didn’t want to fill up on the bread because I knew there was a lot of steak about to be consumed.

There were some options to share a steak, but this time, I decided to order my own – I ended up ordering the filet:


And my dining companion ordered the ribeye:


Both steaks came with an entire bulb of oven-roasted garlic and some rosemary. So, I have to admit, remember how I didn’t like the Peter Luger steak sauce that tasted like cocktail sauce? Well, I actually kind of MISSED it because I felt like both steaks were missing *something.* They were both tender and cooked well, but the garlic just didn’t cut it (although I was a huge fan of the garlic cloves and ended up asking for TWO MORE CLOVES!)

As sides, we ordered the goose fat potatoes and the truffled cream spinach:



I wasn’t a big fan of the goose fat potatoes even though everyone raves about them, but I did *love* the truffled cream spinach – I was shoving the truffled cream spinach in my mouth by the serving spoonful and felt REALLY sick after. It was really rich, creamy, and SO delicious. If anyone doesn’t like spinach, they should try it at the Strip House.

Overall, I thought the meal was mediocre – the steak wasn’t memorable and I didn’t like the sides enough to go back again. Sorry readers, I hate to disagree with you, but the Strip House is definitely not better than Peter Lugers!

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Reader Comments

Hmmm… I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy it so much. One thing I will say in their defense is that they are not called Rib Eye House or Filet House for a pretty good reason, my experience with those steaks was the same as yours, not so great. The real standout here is their namesake, the NY Strip Steak, I wouldn’t return here for anything but that.

Apart from that, I would say that you really need to like black pepper in order to enjoy the steaks here. Their steaks are (unlike most good steak places) aggressively seasoned with black pepper, salt, some rosemary and finished with butter – it’s not that super clean high end pure steak flavor. Not for everyone, but it has an occasional spot in my rotation, usually when entertaining guests.

Written By sickchangeup on March 23rd, 2009 @ 9:06 am

Hmm, is it just me or do they steaks just look a tad too charred?

I love spinach, espcially slighly creamed or even plain garlic is a nice compliment for steaks.

Written By kang on March 31st, 2009 @ 8:33 am


I’m so sad that you didn’t enjoy the strip house as much as i did. the rib eye (formerly called the rib chop) is def still my favorite. i hope you give it another chance in the future.

anyway, i hope is well with you.


Written By Sean Yoon on May 5th, 2009 @ 10:17 am

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