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By grace.g.yang ยท November 6, 2014
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I love love LOVE shaved ice and was so happy to hear that Snowdays Shavery opened up in New York. I grew up eating shaved ice in Taiwan (and one summer in Korea!); whenever I visit my dad in Asia, we always go to multiple night markets where we eat shaved ice with all sorts of sweet toppings. In Asia, they have a lot of interesting toppings (sweet red beans, mochi, kidney beans, all kinds of candy, condensed milk, etc), while in New York, I’ve tried some o-k replicas at Koryodang, and in Flushing, but nothing compares to what I’ve had in Taiwan. The shaved ice is airy, sweet (but not too sweet) and is the perfect summer time treat:

Snowdays Shavery opened up recently and serves lots of different types of shaved ice (they have combos you can order or you can make your own creation). Each time I’ve gone, I’ve gone with their creations since I don’t want to mess with my shaved ice. The first time I went, I really wanted to order the green tea shaved ice, but they said they were out of it, yet the PERSON BEHIND ME GOT IT. They said it was because it just depends on when the ice freezes, but I think if the person behind me was able to get it, they could’ve told us to just wait a few minutes if we wanted green tea. We ended up with the New Yorka, which is cheesecake shaved ice with nilla wafers, strawberries, and whipped cream:


The next time I visited, they did have green tea shaved ice so a friend ordered it – it comes with grass jelly, condensed milk, and mochi:


Another friend ordered the yeti tracks, which is an Oreo flavored snow with bananas, blueberry sauce, and crumbled ice cream cones:


All of the flavors are really good and not too sweet. It’s the best I’ve had in the US (although still not as good as the ones you’d get in Asia!) They’re about $8 per shaved ice (which is also about 500 times more expensive than Asia), but it’s worth it!

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