New York’s Best Lobster Rolls

By grace.g.yang ยท March 1, 2010
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Last week, as I was writing my Lure Fishbar post, I realized that I have eaten a lot of lobster rolls in New York. Before I moved to New York, I’d never even heard of a lobster roll and now it’s one of my favorite things to eat! Here’s my list of my favorite lobster rolls in the city – let me know your opinion of New York’s best lobster roll in the comments!

1. Pearl Oyster Bar – market price (usually around $27)


The amount of mayonnaise in this lobster roll might look a little off-putting, but it really adds to the overall sweetness of the lobster. The bun is always perfectly toasted and there are always so many chunks of sweet, tender lobster falling off the bun that I have a hard time keeping my hands clean while devouring my favorite New York lobster roll!

2. Mary’s Fish Camp – market price (around $26 the last time I went)


The lobster roll at Mary’s is similar to the goodness found at Pearl’s, BUT, Mary’s adds large chunks of celery to their lobster. The roll seems a lot smaller than the ones at Pearl (however, I’ve read that Mary’s weighs each individual lobster roll to insure they all have the same amount of meat).

3. Luke’s Lobster – $14


Luke brought his take on lobster rolls into the East Village last year and his neighbors are definitely thanking him for it. I love Luke’s because the lobster really shines – just a little mayo, some celery salt, and a toasted buttery bun. I tend to lean towards the mayo-packed rolls, but I’m definitely a big fan of Luke’s lobster roll.

4. Lure Fishbar – $29

IMG_0006 (8)

Lure’s lobster roll puts the lobster front and center; the lobster barely has any mayonnaise and is very lightly seasoned. Large chunks of lobster fill this seemingly extra-large roll – the most expensive roll on my list, but definitely a once-in-a-while treat worth ordering.

5. Ed’s Lobster Bar – market price (around $27 the last time I went)


I gave Ed’s lobster Bar a really hard time the first time I went (see here). I even vowed to never return. But, I returned (three years later) and discovered that their lobster roll wasn’t all that bad. The first time I went, the lobster was definitely stringy and didn’t have large chunks of meat, but my past visit had me pleasantly surprised. However, after running for three years, they still don’t have their demand/supply figured out – on the night we went to Ed’s, they ran out of three items on their 7 item menu.

6. Mermaid Inn – $26

IMG_2958 (Small)

Mermaid Inn has more of a lobster sandwich than a lobster roll. Pros: lots of fries. Cons: not a lot of lobster. The lobster roll lacked any large chunks of lobster and there was definitely too much bun getting in the way of the little pieces of lobster that we did have.

7. Ditch Plains – $25

IMG_2596 (Small)

Ditch Plains’ lobster roll is right up there in price with Pearl’s and Mary’s, but adds fillers like onions and celery so they don’t have to add as much lobster to the roll. The lobster isn’t the major ingredient in this lobster roll – they should rename is an veggie roll with a side of lobster.

So, what are your thoughts regarding my list of my favorite lobster rolls in New York? I’m sure I’ve missed some/haven’t visited all of the lobster roll restaurants in the city, so definitely let me know what you think is the best lobster roll in New York!

Reader Comments

Definitely craving a lobster roll now.

Written By Jane on March 1st, 2010 @ 10:43 am

That’s a fantastic list. Thanks for putting it together! I personally prefer Ed’s due to the overall experience ~ in my case, the rolls are always tasty and stuffed with lobster, the buns are always toasted and buttery, I love the home-made pickles, getting a seat is never a pain (like pearl and mary’s) and the biggest plus is the french fries (not a fan of shoe-string).

Written By Chubby Gourmet on March 1st, 2010 @ 4:47 pm

Oooh these looks really delicious! The generous amounts of mayo in these makes me really happy. haha

Written By jessica on March 2nd, 2010 @ 1:08 pm

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