Tim Burton at the MoMA

By grace.g.yang ยท February 19, 2010
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To end the week’s post of my very fun weekend with Angie and Brooke, today’s post will be mostly pictures of their visit. On Friday, we went to the Museum of Modern Art with Angie’s friend Arthur to see the Tim Burton exhibit. Initially, we waited in the cold for the Free Friday exhibit, but then we got out of line because it was so cold. Luckily, Arthur got us free tickets to the museum AND the Tim Burton exhibit because of his corporate membership!

Tim Burton art work from his early days was showcased and there were some really amazing illustrations, pictures, and sculptures on display. I recommend going to see the exhibit (or just visiting the MoMA – it’s my favorite museum in New York!) Below are pictures from the museum – only the first one is a Tim Burton because photographs weren’t allowed! I’m also included some pictures of Angie and Brooke’s visit in case you’re interested!

Just a glimpse of the art at the Tim Burton exhibit:


Interesting sculptures and their stands:


Some of Jackson Pollock’s work:


Monet’s water lillies:


Me, Angie, and Brooke in a cab on our way to 3rd Floor:


Angie, Kris, and me at The Gansevoort Hotel:


Audrey, me, Brooke, and Angie at B Bar:


Me, Angie, and Brooke on Valentine’s day (before our dinner at Ed’s Lobster Bar):


Me, Angie, and Brooke at Tenjune:


Me, Bubbles, and Angie (backstory behind meeting Andre Royo: we were dancing at Tenjune but Andre was standing by himself. He looked REALLY familiar…because I’ve seen him on episodes of Law and Order…and he hit it off with Brooke and ended up hanging out with us until we left!):


Me and Angie:


We had an amazing (but VERY TIRING) weekend. I’m visiting these girls in May on my trip back from Taiwan and China and will be having dinner with them at Alinea for my birthday!

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