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By grace.g.yang · September 20, 2007
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On our recent Labor Day vacation to California, Chris took me to his favorite pizza restaurant by his house: the Pizza Box in Milpitas. The place is in a strip mall (apparently strip malls are all the rage in Northern California) and it’s slightly run down (and by slightly, I mean it looks like we walked into the 70’s when we were pulling into the parking lot):

Chris hadn’t been there since last Thanksgiving, but he told me that the place hasn’t changed since the late 80’s, when he first started going there as a kid. The place is owned by a Filipino family and the wife is known to be a little…spacey. She wasn’t sure if they had garlic bread or not (another one of Chris’ favorites) but she did charge us up front for a product she might not have…couldn’t she have just gone to the back and checked? I suppose not.

The Pizza Box is known for their large pizzas – look at the different size options you can order:

Chris said we should only order one slice of pizza and one piece of garlic bread. I asked him if he remembered who he was with (I’m a really big eater…what can I say?) He really wasn’t kidding when he said one slice would fill both of us up. Look at how huge this ONE piece is:

IMG_1359 (Small)

I put a knife next to the pizza to do a side by side comparison. Yeah, it’s huge! The pizza was comparable to New York style pizza (I’m thinking John’s + Patsy’s). There was so much cheese and toppings on our slice that I really couldn’t eat the entire slice on my own (which is saying a lot, considering I usually scarf down at least 3 pieces of John’s).

They ended up having garlic bread (whew!) and like their pizza, the garlic bread was also gigantic:

IMG_1360 (Small)

Can you even see the knife to compare the size?! The garlic bread was oozing cheese and oil (but the good kind of oil…yeah, you’d like it). It was so chewy and doughy – definitely great garlic bread.

We finished our pizza and garlic bread right before the after school rush (thank goodness) but it seems like it’s still really popular with kids. I can’t wait to go back the next time I’m in Milpitas!

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