Seven Star Caves

By grace.g.yang ยท June 19, 2010
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The people hosting us in Guilin took us on a detour before dinner so we could see the Seven Star Caves. We only stayed in Guilin for a night, so this was our only opportunity to see the sites. We headed to the park where the caves are located:


They have an albino kangaroo that I really wanted to see, but we didn’t have a chance to stop by the zoo:


We were in the park to see the seven star caves and walked around a bit to take in some of the scenery. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the park:



They had two peacocks in the park that you could take pictures with:


There were also a lot of monkey warnings – I didn’t see any real monkeys, but apparently they are pretty dangerous. Here are some monkey statues:


The first cave we went into:


The seven star caves are about 20 degrees cooler than the outside temperature, so it was a nice break from walking outside in the heat. We went on one of the guided tours and enjoyed the interesting scenery. Here’s the start:


The tour points out interesting stalactites and stalagmites throughout the cave and also installed lights to accentuate the different designs. Here’s the three wise men:


Interesting formations:


This reminded me of the opening of The Lion King – when Simba is presented on that cliff and all of the animals bow down to him:



Me and David:


The caves are also slightly damp and a little musty – can you imagine going there everyday to work in their gift shop?! I think they have internet access though – there were options to buy pictures or get them emailed to you.



Outside, there was a really cool rock that looked like a camel:


After walking around for a little, we had to head back into our car to go to dinner with more people from the local university – pictures tomorrow!

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