Meatball Madness

By grace.g.yang ยท October 3, 2011
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On Thursday night, I went to the Meatball Madness event for New York City Wine and Food Festival. It was a really fun event at a nice event space in Soho and my friend and I ate so many meatballs I don’t think I can go to The Meatball Shop for a while. I didn’t take that many photos because I was too busy eating, but here are the shots I managed to capture:

The Artichoke guys had a basil plant at their stand and were picking fresh basil leaves to add to your meatball sandwich (very nice touch):


Pulino’s meatball prep station:


More meatball prep:


Porsena’s meatball station:


The meatball trophy:


Kate Krader and Lee Ann Wong chatting over meatballs at the judges table:


I had my favorites – Artichoke’s plain and simple meatball, Maialino’s rabbit meatball, and any meatball that also had a side of risotto was pretty a-ok in my book. (surprisingly, The Meatball Shop’s steak meatball stuffed with cheese on a buttermilk biscuit was not on my favorites list because it was WAY too heavy for me). I also had my least favorites – anything that involved a vegetarian meatball or fake meat did not do it for me (anything made with tempeh is pretty disgusting to me).

My friend and I consumed almost all of the meatballs (I think we missed a couple because they ran out by the time we visited their stations). Too much red meat and tomato sauce for one night – it was super fun but I definitely ate way too much!

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