Martha’s Vineyard: Part 3

By grace.g.yang ยท May 31, 2007
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On Sunday, the weather was a little cooler (around mid 70’s), but we biked from Vineyard Haven to Oak Bluffs, stopping off at the Net Result for lobster rolls:

The Net Result sells fresh lobsters, different types of fish, as well as breakfast and lunch:

Chris and I both ordered lobster rolls and french fries and picnic-ed outside on the park benches:

They were better than the ones from Zephrus (it wasn’t hard to beat) but there wasn’t enough butter on the bun to make it REALLY tasty. Why is it that the best lobster rolls are found in New York City?

After the Net Result, we biked to Oak Bluffs, had a picnic on the lawn close to the beach (we were both still hungry after our lobster rolls and had to get slices of pizza from Giordano’s, which surprised us with its tastiness), and played on the beach some more. We really wanted to rent a canoe to go boating and just enjoy our time in the water, but there were no boats to be found! Since we didn’t make backup plans, we headed to the beach and had a throwing contest seeing how far we could throw rocks while lying down, threw REALLY BIG rocks, and had another rock skipping contest. After our competitions (I won all of them :)), we headed to the town for more ice cream (yay!) and to see the nation’s oldest carousel:

It was built by Charles W.F. Dare in 1876 and arrived in Martha’s Vineyard in 1884. It’s a little rickety (It’s pretty darn old) but all the kids seemed to be enjoying themselves. After watching the carousel for a while, we headed across the street to the ARCADE! We played all kinds of games, including SKEE BALL:

I forgot how much I loved playing skee ball! I was pretty terrible, but Chris was really good and managed to win us 38 tickets! We exchanged our tickets for two bouncy balls and a flying ninja. Yay! After playing around the arcade and looking around for free tokens (we found three!), we headed to Linda Jeans for a quick bite to eat. We shared a clam chowder (I think it was the best from the entire trip), Chris ordered a burger, and I ordered the lobster roll (I really wanted to give Martha’s Vineyard a fighting chance against the Pearl Oyster Bar):

Linda Jeans had the best lobster roll out of all of the restaurants we went to on the island, but it still was nothing compared to The Pearl Oyster Bar. Well, I guess it’s a good thing since I’m so close to it and I’ll be able to grab myself a lobster roll whenever I get a craving. ๐Ÿ™‚

After dinner, Chris and I started to bike back to Vineyard Haven (to pick up a watermelon and pickles!) and on the way back, we found an abandoned boat just sitting on the sand. Obviously, we had to take it out on the water (could our trip have ended on a better note?!). We paddled out onto the water and enjoyed the sunset:

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Oh my god. Haven’t stopped by in so long. So much to catch up on. So many pictures of crab rolls….must…not..succumb

Written By Vishesh Narayen on June 5th, 2007 @ 10:54 am

WOW! what a fun time…i loved the pictures, the details, and especially enjoyed their trip! AWESOME! But where in NYC is her favorite Lobster rolls? My favorite was alongside Plymouth Rock…….thanks for all the delicious pictures of lobster rolls!

Written By nancy fong on June 8th, 2007 @ 11:54 pm

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