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By grace.g.yang ยท November 21, 2012
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On Saturday, Ken and I flew from New York to Chicago using Delta Shuttle. I usually hate flying Delta because they never write down which terminal you’re located when you fly out of La Guardia (sometimes you might fly from the regular Delta Terminal and sometimes you fly from the shuttle terminal…we’ve gotten out of the cab just to realize we need to jump back into one because we’re at the terminal multiple times). This time, however, we saw on our phones that they actually write down the terminal you’re supposed to go to (thank goodness!) and we arrived a little early so we were able to sit down and rest before our flight. Ken upgraded us to first class (yay!) and we were able to eat a little lunch while flying. Their lunches were actually really good – I ordered the pasta salad with chicken and fresh fruit:


They also took our drink orders while we were waiting to fly AND they brought around baskets filled with bananas, fruit, chips and all kinds of yummy snacks! The pasta salad had raw garlic (not recommended for a flight!) but otherwise, the pasta was well cooked and the chicken was really flavorful and not too salty. Go, Delta!

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