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By grace.g.yang ยท August 12, 2007
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I’ve been working in midtown Manhattan recently, meaning there are a ton of food carts that come out around lunchtime for me to go to. One place that I was really excited to visit – Daisy May’s BBQ, is known for their barbecue, so obviously, I had to check it out the first chance I had. I went there last Thursday, when there were torrential downpours and it was extremely windy and cold (the things I do for food). The cart is located on 49th and 6th, and comes around Monday – Friday:

The menu is pretty limited compared to the restaurant, but they had a pork sandwich, which I ordered:

Everything is pre-packaged, which is a lot less messy than if the sandwiches were prepared at the lunch cart. My friend, Ryan, ordered the “Texas Chili,” which is all meat, no beans:

The food is pretty expensive for what you get – my pork sandwich cost $8 and came with a small side and Ryan’s was $7.50 and didn’t come with any sides.

Ryan enjoying his Texas chili:

IMG_1203 (Small)

I sampled the Texas chili (I’m a huge fan of chili and used to eat it a lot) and this chili did NOT smell appetizing. At all. If I could describe it for you, I would have you imagine the smell of …. New York restaurant garbage after a hot summer night. No joke. I decided to put the chili in my mouth even though the smell was pretty foul, and the taste wasn’t bad, but there just wasn’t any layers of flavor. There was just no taste, really. I think they just put a lot of steak and hot sauce with some A-1 or something in the soup because that’s what it could’ve tasted like. I wasn’t a fan.

My pork sandwich:

My pork sandwich was on the sweet side and didn’t have enough vinegar in the sauce. I wasn’t a huge fan of it and probably won’t order it again from the cart. The bun, on the other hand, was really delicious and almost tasted like brioche bread (I’m not sure what kind of bun it was).

Overall, I don’t think I’ll be going to Daisy May’s BBQ anytime soon. Maybe it was built up too much by my friend, Ryan, but I was really disappointed with the food and the only way I’d go back is if I tried the food at the restaurant – I hear their ribs are pretty good.

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