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By grace.g.yang ยท November 23, 2009
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After our very quick cheeseburger at Fresh-N-Fast Burger, I headed up to midtown west for some pork buns at Xie Xie. Xie Xie means thank you in Chinese, so I was interested to check out their take on sandwiches, especially their lobster roll. Also, I love the Hell’s kitchen area because of the abundance of cool restaurants and I finally made it over to Xie Xie to try their pork buns (and sadly, no lobster rolls because they were sold out):


The interior design is really cute – colored fortune cookies cover their back wall:


And they have a lot of different types of drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic):


I went with the sweet glazed pork on a Chinese bun:


The order comes with three buns, which is perfect for one person (or two if you’d just finished burgers and fries). A closeup of the bun:


The pulled pork was way too sweet; it tasted like it was dredged through a pile of sugar before it was placed in the bun. The cilantro and shallots evened out the flavor a bit, but the meat was still too sweet to finish.

I also shared a pear cider:


The pear cider was expensive ($10) and tasted more like sparkling pear juice than a hard cider. Even with a low alcohol content, I would’ve expected less sugar. Xie Xie was definitely not a bad second dinner by any means, but they ran out of their lobster rolls (by 7:30pm on a Friday night) and the fall back dish that we ordered was too sweet. I’d return for their thousand year egg dessert or their lobster roll, but I’d definitely pass on the sweet glazed pork buns and pear cider.

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