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By grace.g.yang ยท August 3, 2007
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After reading numerous positive reviews about Tomoe Sushi, Chris, my brother, and I decided to wait in line for some of their delicious fish. Their restaurant is even mentioned in my book, Eat New York, but since it’s in Chinese, I don’t know whether it’s a positive review or not (some of the reviews aren’t that favorable, yet they’re still mentioned in the book, so, you never know). The place is right next to Lupa in Noho and always has lines out the door (the space is really small in general). We waited about 15 minutes before we were seated and I was really eager to order since I hadn’t eaten since lunch in Philadelphia. The prices were a little steep (actually, they might have been the same as Sushi Yasuda and Morimoto, but there was no ambiance and we were seated so close to the other tables that we could hear what people two tables down were talking about. Since we already waited for a table, there was no use in backing out, so we decided to go all out and order the Sushi Deluxe (10 pieces of sushi, half a tuna roll, and half of a yellowtail roll):

The fish was definitely fresh (and the pieces were really long), and I thought all of the fish was very tasty. No complaints from my side!

My brother ordered Spicy tuna and regular tuna rolls:

One problem with some sushi restaurants here is that when they make spicy tuna with this weird spice that tastes more like something that belongs at a Korean restaurant than a Japanese restaurant. Does anyone think that, too? The tuna rolls at Tomoe, however, were really tasty and the spiciness didn’t taste like the Korean red paste.

We also ordered Yaki soba noodles:

Chris likes Yaki soba noodles a lot, so we decided to order the noodles as well. I wasn’t a huge fan of them at first (maybe it was the cabbage?) but the taste grew on me.

The meal was about $70 for the three of us, which isn’t expensive when you go to a sushi restaurant, but we also ordered one noodle dish, which is a lot cheaper than ordering sushi. The decor was really shabby and the place actually looks really crappy inside, so if you’re looking for somewhere with ambiance, go elsewhere. I wouldn’t put Tomoe Sushi on my short list of favorite sushi places, but I’d probably go back again.

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