Paradise Moon

By grace.g.yang ยท October 4, 2007
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Paradise Moon, located in Newport on the Levee, is a pan-Asian restaurant I visited the first time I went to Cincinnati. I was there for a Procter and Gamble event and really enjoyed the food – we had an assortment of appetizers and other dishes and everything was pretty good (this was back in 2004). Since I was recently in Cincinnati for work, I thought it would be fun to visit the place again – Vikkie and I drove to Newport on the Levee (which is technically in Kentucky but the drive is only 10 minutes) and we decided to eat at Paradise Moon, even though it was completely deserted (the first sign that we should’ve left).

We started off with an appetizer of cold noodles:

I took one bite of the noodles and immediately knew that the meal was going to be sub-par, at best. The noodles were overcooked (were the cooks Asian? If they were, their mothers apparently didn’t teach them how to cook noodles) and the sauce was simply soy sauce. We should’ve cancelled our order all together, but since we ordered sushi, we decided to stick it out.

I ordered the spicy tuna roll and tuna with crab:

For both of the rolls, the fish wasn’t fresh, the nori was too soft, and the rice wasn’t even sushi rice (I think it was just regular rice with too much water used when preparing it so it just stuck together).

Vikkie didn’t have a bad experience with her rolls (they had some weird names that aren’t worth looking up online):

But I tried a piece and didn’t find it appetizing.

Seriously, you can buy better sushi rolls at a freaking WHOLE FOODS. Also, it was pretty expensive (around $15/roll) and the fish definitely wasn’t fresh. If you’re in the area, definitely skip out on Paradise Moon – the food’s crappy and it’s definitely not worth it!

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