My Birthday Wishlist!

By grace.g.yang ยท May 22, 2009
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There’s exactly a week left before I turn 25! To celebrate, I’ve come up with my birthday wishlist (just for fun…unless you’d like to make my day and buy me something!) My mom already purchased some of the gifts on my wishlist (my wonderful spring jacket that I’ve been lucky enough to wear the past couple of weeks because of the strange NYC weather) and I purchased some on my own (my new Christian Louboutin’s were a gift to myself). Here’s the rest of my wishlist:

1. Fountain Jet Seltzer Maker


I’ve been drinking seltzer since I was 14 (La Croix cans were always in my car). I still drink a crazy amount of seltzer and at one point this year, purchased 84 1-liter bottles of Vintage seltzer through FreshDirect. Seriously – here’s some evidence. This seltzer maker would be perfect for me (and David) because we love drinking seltzer AND we could make cool seltzer blends!

2. Puerto Rico Board Game


So if you’ve ever spent a Wednesday night with me, you know I love playing board games. I’m a huge fan of Ticket-to-Ride and Settlers of Catan (and more recently, Cranium), but after doing some research on, I have decided that I WANT this board game. No, I NEED IT.

3. Dinner at the following places: Minetta Tavern, Sasabune, Daniel, wd-50, DBGB, and Alinea (Alinea would also involve a trip to Chicago…coincidentally, I’m going in September!).

4. Bike, Bike lock, and Helmet


I’m undecided what type of bike I want – either a Hello Kitty type bike with a basket and bell or a racing bike so I can ride with David.

5. Camera case for my Canon 770

camera case

I’ve been carrying around my camera (the one that I got for Christmas) in a little makeup bag. The makeup bag isn’t very sturdy and I’d like to take my camera outdoors more often, so this would be the perfect case for my adventures!

6. The following books: Chocolate Desserts by Pierre Herme, Patisserie of Pierre Herme, Tartine (by Elisabeth Prueitt and Chad Robertson), Baked: New Frontiers in Baking (by Matt Lewis, Renato Poliafito, and Tina Rupp), The Art of Simple Food (By Alice Waters).

I can’t think of anything else I really want (and if there is anything, I suppose there’s always Christmas!)

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