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By grace.g.yang ยท December 11, 2009
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If you remember from my previous Daisy May’s post back in 2007, I was less than enthusiastic about their barbeque (you can read all about it here). However, David and I were in the neighborhood because we wanted to buy lumber at the store around the corner and I decided to give the place another try (in their defense, I ate the food truck that is parked in midtown, not at the actual restaurant). You find what you want from their large menu and place your order with the guy behind the counter:


Everything was really clean, but the food didn’t look that fresh and had definitely sitting there since the lunch rush earlier in the afternoon:


Since we went around 4 or 5, David and I decided to share an order instead of each getting our own. We ordered the Memphis dry ribs, macaroni and cheese, and creamed corn:


The ribs reminded me of the ribs I really love from North Carolina (available at The Fresh Market), but there was too much dry rub on the ribs and made them slightly oversalted and kind of sandy. The macaroni and cheese was cheesy, but the noodles were overcooked and all mushed together like creamed corn. The creamed corn had good flavor, but was just too rich for me to eat (especially after the mac and cheese).

I took a picture of their wall because I saw an Illini flag (they’re difficult to find in NYC!):


Daisy May’s is definitely not a gross place like I said in my post from 2007, but for the price and the taste, I think you can find a lot better (specifically at Hill Country and Rub BBQ).

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I haven’t been to Daisy May’s, but I agree that Hill Country is pretty good. If you go to http://www.restaurant.com, you can find gift certificates to Hill Country, and the site runs frequent promotions, so you can get $25 gift certificates for like $2-3, which is pretty great.

Also, have you been to Dinosaur BBQ in Harlem? Deliciousness!

Written By Jessica on December 15th, 2009 @ 7:31 am

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