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Last week, a bunch of people I used to work with at left the 95 Morton Street office for the last time and headed to the bars around Macdougal to celebrate unemployment. I decided to join them for a drink even though I was suffering from really bad allergies and David decided to stop by as well. Since I was sneezing for the majority of the time I was outside, we decided to leave the bar where all the developers were celebrating/drinking their sorrows away and head to Creperie, down the street, for some food. Creperie specializes in both savory and sweet crepes:


The crepe batter is made beforehand and each crepe is made-to-order. Here’s someone making our ham and cheese crepe:


The crepe mix is spread thinly across a hot griddle:


Once it starts bubbling, it gets flipped over:


It was filled with cheese and slices of ham, then closed up for consumption:


The crepe was fresh, but the cheese wasn’t melted because it was taken off the griddle too early (the ham was still cold as well). They’re also quite expensive – around $7 per crepe, which is kind of ridiculous because sandwiches don’t even cost $7! I don’t think I’ll be back anytime soon – I’d rather just make crepes myself!

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