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By grace.g.yang ยท November 16, 2015
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I was recently at Starbucks trying to keep my gold status (I succeeded – yay!) and was trying to buy my last item to maintain status. I didn’t need another drink so I was looking for something to buy to share at the office and saw these Michel et Augustin shortbread cookies at the register:

Early bird granola

Four cookies for $1.95?! It was a good price point and the cashier said they were actually good so I bought some to bring to work. I decided to open a sleeve on my way to the office to see if they were any good and let me just tell you – these cookies are so good I was contemplating whether or not to share them!! The chocolate is full-bodied and very good quality and the shortbread has a saltiness to them that adds so much flavor to the cookie. Per Se gives similar cookies (as a sandwich) when you dine at the restaurant, but they don’t sell them a la carte.

Michel et Augustin are a relatively new brand in the US but they have a variety of products (cookies, yogurt, and even drinks) outside the US. I spotted the baguette cookies at the super market and decided to try those, too, because I loved the shortbread cookies so much. They’re good, but not as good as the shortbread cookies (I thought the baguettes were slightly flavorless and didn’t add enough to balance out the chocolate). The cookies are sold all over New York now – I’ve seen them at Le District, every Starbucks I’ve visited, and Westside Market. Their website lists chocolate mousse as another product they sell – if I ever find that in the city, I definitely want to buy it!

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