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By grace.g.yang · August 17, 2010
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A long time ago, I saw the daily Groupon, which featured 16 Handles frozen yogurt. $8 for $16 worth of frozen yogurt, a pretty good deal (or so I thought). Of course I waited until the very last minute to redeem my coupons (I bought TWO) because every time I was in the neighborhood, I never had my freaking PRINTED COUPON. Apparently everyone else forgot to redeem their coupon as well because the night before the coupon expired, everyone in line had a piece of paper with their multiple cups of frozen yogurt. I didn’t think I could finish $16 worth of frozen yogurt by myself, so I invited my partner-in-crime, Ariel, to join in on the adventure (Ariel also joined in on the fun when we did the frozen yogurt tour back in 2007). I ended up getting pistachio (my favorite), European tart, regular tart, pomegranate, chocolate, coffee, and mango as my frozen yogurt flavors and topped it with kiwis, coconuts, mochi balls, and raspberries:


None of the frozen yogurt flavors were that good; in fact, they all melted really quickly (and I HATE it when frozen yogurt melts too quickly); the only flavor that I actually liked was pistachio, but the flavor tasted really artificial.

Ariel did a similar combination, but used more fruit:


I didn’t think the combination of our frozen yogurt weights would be even CLOSE to $16 (apparently I have no concept as to how much an ounce is) so I also got a big container that I filled with candy. When we went to the register, the woman had no idea how to redeem the coupons AND our total was something close to $25 (which is completely absurd if you think about it. Actually, it’s absurd even if you DON’T think about it…who spend $25 on FROZEN YOGURT?!) The manager ended up giving me the candy for free because I told him I didn’t want it if it was going to add so much onto the total (thanks!) and I ended up going back the next day (by myself) to get $16 worth of frozen yogurt. Next time, I’m definitely not buying another Groupon if it involves frozen yogurt and I’m DEFINITELY never getting frozen yogurt by the ounce.

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