Mary’s Fish Camp

I’m a HUGE fan of Pearl Oyster Bar and usually don’t go to other restaurants for lobster rolls (longtime readers will remember my absolutely terrible experience at Ed’s Lobster Bar). I’d been to Mary’s a couple times before writing this post and thought it was pretty good, but didn’t like certain things about the lobster […]


Dell’Anima, the quaint Italian restaurant nestled in its own little world on W4th is a place I’ve been meaning to try for quite some time. I used to walk by during the summer time (usually on my way to Corner Bistro) and would see people leisurely eating outside (I think Rashida Jones is a huge […]

Keste Pizzeria

For Sara’s last day in the office, Abby, Soren, and I took her out for lunch. One of the luxuries of working in the west village is being so close to great options for lunch (The Spotted Pig, Mexicana Mama, Energy Kitchen, Baoguette, Employees Only, San Panino, and John’s Pizzeria…just to name a FEW). We […]

Joe’s Pizza

While my dad was visiting, he wanted to eat some authentic New York pizza. Since he lives in Taiwan, he doesn’t have many opportunities to eat New York style pizza. The only pizza he can get his hands on is some Pizza Hut pizza with crazy toppings, but he doesn’t eat that stuff because Pizza […]