How to Make Dumplings

Over Thanksgiving, my mom came to visit and we had a couple of parties with some of our friends. One of the easiest and most fun parties to have is a dumpling making party; there’s very little prep work before the party and everyone has to help out if they plan on eating. Instead of […]

Iron Chef America Taping!

One of the perks of writing for an awesome website,, is that I can get tickets to food events like IRON CHEF AMERICA. Yes, that’s right – back in October, I went to the Iron Chef taping: I was a VIP guest! I’ve NEVER been a VIP guest ANYWHERE! We waited in line for […]

Boston Pictures!

To continue with the Boston posts, I have a couple more pictures that I wanted to share from my recent trip to Bean Town. On Saturday, after our brunch at Masa, Lou and I walked around the city and made our way back to Newbury Street. Some shots from the city: A beautiful weeping willow […]

Brooklyn Taco Truck

After playing skeeball at Full Circle Bar in Brooklyn, I was on my way home and somehow found the Brooklyn Taco Truck: I have no idea how I found it (more like Lou found it and I was very happy and suddenly VERY hungry). We ordered two tacos – one chicken and one pork: Their […]

Quick and Easy Weeknight Dinner: Chinese Chive Blossoms, King Mushrooms, and Pressed Tofu Stir-Fry

This dish is definitely a favorite; it’s really easy to make, you can add flavor and flair by adding different vegetables (or meat), and my version is completely vegetarian and you don’t even notice that there’s no meat because the king mushrooms are so hearty. My mom introduced me to king mushrooms when I was […]