Sodastream Seltzer Maker

I taped my first video review on Sunday and it was quite a lot of fun (although having a demo table that kept falling over was *not* as fun). I did a video review of one of my favorite new kitchen gadgets, the Sodastream seltzer maker. Sodastream sent me a free Genesis, one of the […]

Aerogarden: Week 6

For the past 6 weeks, I have been diligently taking care of my Aerogarden (when I say diligently, I mean I haven’t turned off the lights so the Aerogarden has been able to grow and take care of itself). In the beginning, I had 6 pods with herbs. Now, I have actual herbs that I […]

Aerogarden: Week 4

Well, today starts my FOURTH week with my herb garden and I thought I was excited before, so I took some pictures on Sunday night in preparation for my Tuesday post. Here’s the aerogarden on Sunday: And on Tuesday night, look how much it grew!: A couple of DAYS makes a GIGANTIC difference! Check out […]