Pinkberry Delivery!

Hey! Did you know that Pinkberry DELIVERS TO YOUR OFFICE/APARTMENT/HOTEL/HOUSE/WHATEVER! I’ve always been against the delivery of frozen yogurt because I HATE MELTED FROZEN YOGURT, but people in my office were trying it the other day so I figured I would get in on the action. I ordered passion fruit (the new AWESOME flavor they […]

Free Pinkberry TODAY!

It’s finally Pinkberry Friday! Head over to your local Pinkberry and try their new flavors (I’m definitely getting the tropical swirl): Let me know if you like the new flavor!

New Pinkberry Flavors! FOR FREE!

On the heels of Red Mango’s recent announcement of tangomonium, Pinkberry has stepped up their game by introducing TWO new flavors: coconut AND passionfruit. They’re giving it away for FREE next Friday (5-9pm): In addition to offering new flavors, Pinkberry has also started offering free delivery (in NYC). AND…they have bing cherries. Your move, Red […]