Grand Sichuan

Have I ever mentioned that I don’t eat a lot of Chinese food in Manhattan? Maybe it’s because I haven’t found one I really like, or maybe it’s because it’s just really difficult to find good Chinese food in the city. There are little things here and there (for instance, I like to stop by […]

Macao Trading Company

I always love getting dinner with my friends Joe, Ariel, and Kris; they always let me order, they usually don’t complain, and they eat a lot so we usually have the opportunity to order a variety of dishes. The last time we went out, we headed to Macao Trading Company, a restaurant in Tribeca that […]

Wu Liang Ye

The first time I went to Wu Liang Ye, my aunt from Taiwan took me there. Apparently my other aunt had spoken highly of the Chinese restaurant and since I don’t know that many Chinese restaurants in NYC, I figured it would be fun to try it out. The first Wu Liang Ye visit wasn’t […]