Gotham Bar and Grill: 25th Anniversary Dinner

Gotham Bar and Grill has been around for a full 25 years (quite an accomplishment for a business, especially a restaurant in NYC). Alfred Portale, the chef at Gotham, decided to celebrate by bringing back some of their more popular menu items at the 80’s prices. I went with my friend Arthur for a Sunday […]

Num Pang

After Josh and I got back from Montauk, we decided to get some food to eat in Union Square (we were supposed to drop the rental car off by my apartment, but due to Avis’ crappy GPS, we were late and apparently, Avis’ computer systems shut off a minute before the stores close). We eventually […]


After a successful trip to the Union Square farmer’s market on a Saturday afternoon, my friend Ariel and I went to Stand for a quick burger. Since the restaurant was completely empty, we were able to choose our seat and decided to sit by the window (so my newly purchased basil plant could get some […]