Tools Needed to Spatchcock Your Turkey

I’ve been reading a lot of great feedback about my spatchcock, brine, and herb butter turkey post and have also been getting a LOT of questions – the most frequently asked question was what kind of materials should I purchase to spatchcock the turkey? If you’re headed to the grocery store to buy other ingredients […]

Thanksgiving Side Dish: Macaroni and Cheese with Bacon

Macaroni and cheese wasn’t on my original Thanksgiving menu until Friday night, when my friend told me that it was always part of his Southern-style Thanksgiving dinners. I didn’t want to exclude any side dish and it was too late to ask someone else to make it, so after work on Friday night, I walked […]

Gracenotes NYC’s Second Annual NYC Thanksgiving

Over the weekend, David and I hosted our second annual NYC Thanksgiving party. This year, our apartment’s larger and we had it potluck style so I didn’t have to do all of the cooking. To see last year’s posts, click here. I did manage to cook a few dishes (including a turkey that we picked […]